Artisan Made


Independent Artists and Jewellers

An artists view on geometric shapes brings us an unusual and edgy collection that is undoubtedly chic. Gold plated, silver plated, platinized bronze and swarovski crystals take center stage.

A Fashion and style Rebellion in the United Kingdom and Europe! Statement Jewellery is a must. Be Unique, Be yourself.

Love Your Style

Beautifully handcrafted unique accessories to heighten your look.

Step away from the traditional and venture forth in to a world of crafted rings, necklaces and earrings that challenge contemporary fashion.


Classic Collection

Classic Style Re-invented

Our classic collection is elegant and adds sophistication, a display of age old techniques of hand hammering and metal carving with a modern flair. Unusual shapes and swirls flow effortlessly in to your style. 

Stacking Rings

Mix & Match sizes Small, Medium and Large of our V shaped Rings!

With Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Platinum you can coordinate with any outfit.

Concrete & Swarovski

Handcrafted jewellery is great for many reasons but one of the foremost has to be the materials of which the piece is made from. Metals and precious stones have always made good companions. It's not however an everyday occurrence to take the already known beauty of...

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Hand Hammered Guard Rings

Brass metal is cut, shaped and banged. Each blow is evident as it leaves its mark upon the exposed metal, A technique ancient to the craft, Hammered Jewellery feels truly rustic With Gold and Rose Gold plating to finish the before rough dents glimmer under the light,...

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Love for the Craft, Love for the Quality

It’s Made with Love exists for some very simple reasons.

We want great quality hand crafted jewellery and accessories that push the boundaries of contemporary fashion. We are passionate about the beauty of crafted products.

Maybe it’s the hours put into the work or the tiny details left from their creators.

They just feel special and enhance ones unique style.

Our collection consists of Earrings, Rings and Necklaces made from resourcefully sourced materials. They are sculptured from Bronze then coated in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. They have been worked, banged, carved and shaped into Unique Designs. We work closely with Jewelers and Artists who share our vision and passion in handmade products.

We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we do.

It’s Made with Love


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